Perception of the other – Video Works

The aim of MyMementoVid / Perception of the other, the next phase of this on-going project, is to create a bridge between the world’s different cultures through original artistic content. We believe that this bridge draws the attention of people across the globe to the culture of the other, bringing them to a deeper understanding of other customs and means of expression. This project is extremely effective in areas of conflict between different ethnic groups, nations, and nationalities – and, in essence, in any place that two different peoples see as their home. The ongoing activities of this project and all those who are involved with it possess the power to decrease violence and increase understanding and cooperation worldwide.
The project has two main manifestations which operate simultaneously to contribute to its success:
a) Ongoing video installations; Displayed in artistic spaces across the globe, these installations expose a new piece of the video artwork collection each time.
b) An internet platform; A video archive that can serve as a dynamic tool to alter perceptions of the other, use of this archive will be accessible to all users, and will serve as a platform for the expression of the creative opinions and ideas that stem from the displayed artistic content. > Scroll down to watch the video art works