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Memory Instinct in a Digital Era / Notes - Amir Cohen, MyMmentoVid Curator

An occurrence in which a person turns his glance inwards for a split second – a passing moment when something appears in his consciousness, which will then jump back for a visit – uninvited – from time to time. Read full essay here >

Memory as No-Man’s LandShani Nahmias, MyMementoVid I Contributor

In a reality in which we are requested to behave according to a complex set of rules and conventions, memory is a type of shelter.
A no-man’s land to which we escape in order to grab ourselves the freedom to map out, design, mark and preserve the pantheon of impressions we have accumulated in our lives. We have full possession of memory and an autonomous right to change and distort the entirety of our experiences. In the space reserved for memory, it is we who decide what we want to forget. Read full essay here >