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The aim of the MyMementoVid, the next phase of this on-going project, is to create a bridge between the world’s different cultures through original artistic content.

Call for entries:
MyMementoVid –  ’InnoValues’
Following our installations at the Venice Biennale and at the C4CC London University:
Artists and art students are invited to join in and offer us a one minute video art works for a new kind of project.
The challenges we all face require grip innovation and values.

Fee: Free
Entry Deadline: OPEN.
Eligibility: Artists, Art/Design students – World wide.

Send MyMementoVid’s curatorial team your video art work, following the instructions > READ MORE

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The project has two main manifestations which operate simultaneously to contribute to its success:

a) Ongoing video installations. Displayed in artistic spaces across the globe, these installations expose a new piece of the video artwork collection each time.

b) An internet platform. A video archive that can serve as a dynamic tool to alter perceptions of the other, use of this archive will be accessible to all users, and will serve as a platform for the expression of the creative opinions and ideas that stem from the displayed artistic content.
MyMementoVid is an ongoing project. MyMementoVid perceives its objective to be the continual promotion of contemporary video artworks around the world. All accepted works of art will become part of the ever-increasing project archive, which is devoted to the subject of memory, according to the personal, social, and artistic perception of their creators.

MyMementoVid / Collaboration
The project places special emphasis on encouraging the participation of not only artists, but also art and design students. The encouragement of artists at the outset of their careers is a central motive of this project. We will be grateful for cooperation with academies and universities in the fields of the arts in order to create a video program that will constitute a database and inspiration for the coming generations.

Artists from around the globe are invited to take part in this ongoing project, and create a video-art work dealing with the topic of ‘Perception of the other’. These artistic memory videos were first displayed as a video installation during the Venice Biennale Collateral Events. The project aroused much interest, and many curators, artists, and art students have already expressed an interest in participating. In addition, all of the videos can be viewed through the project website, which is updated regularly.

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