Joshua Neustein, Lost in Venice

MyMementoVid launched in Venice Biennale collateral event in the framework of Détournement.

MyMementoVid is an indipendent On-Going Video Art project. MyMementoVid project perceives its objective to be continuing to contemporary Video-Art works around the world. All works of art that will be accepted for the project will become part of the ever – increasing archive, which is devoted to the subjects of ‘Perception of the other’; according to personal memory – social – artistic perception of the artists who created them, who will also be involved.

MyMementoVid project places special emphasis on encouraging the participation of  Arts and Design students alongside artists. The advancement of artists at the outset of their careers is a central motive of this project. We will be grateful for cooperation with art  academies, universities, art and culture institutions, to create a video program which will create a bridge between the world’s different cultures through original artistic content by constitute a database and programs that inspiring the coming generations.

The project is already arousing much interest and many curators, artists and art students have already expressed their interest and participating. As always, in our on-going activity we are anticipating continuing exposure to hundreds of thousands of spectators.

* memento |məˈmenˌtō|

noun ( pl. -tos or -toes) an object kept as a reminder or souvenir of a person or event : you can purchase a memento of your visit. ORIGIN late Middle English (denoting a prayer of commemoration): from Latin, literally ‘remember!,’ imperative of meminisse.