MyMementoVid I artists

Andrea Pagnes, Italy / Verena Stenke, Germany – Are you happy?
Avelino Sala, Spain – The media is the message
Cara Chan, USA – Nothing disintegrates into nothing
Caterina Davinio, Italy – Ma-mma
Ivars Drulle, Latvia – Old men and radio
Ira Eduardovna, USA – The room
Tamar Eloul, Israel – Blood in
Michael Gitlin, USA – Broken infinity
Mili Gal, Israel – Dementia
Thalia Hoffman, Israel – A April day
Parker Ito, USA – Pixel celebration
Tamar Lederberg,Israel – ‘Sheli Lehadpasa’ (Mine For Printing)
Tammy Mike Laufer, Israel – Memories from the uterus
Tamar Lev-On, UK – Asolo “Murano” Horse and Other Stories
Noa Maiman, Israel – Rhuthmos
Marika Maiorova, – Russian Federation Remember Me?
Elyse Mallouk, USA – The only one I can find who can sing love song
Eraldo Mauro, Italy / Danny Shain, USA – I wish I were there / I wish you were here
Lynne McCabe, USA – Vexations on the wire
Shani Nahmias, Israel  – Effet mere
Itty Neuhaus, USA – Bringing Stones
Alexander Neustein, USA – Dancing seeds
Joshua Neustein, USA – Lost in Venice
Jasper Rigole, Belgium – Nude decay
Micha Riss, USA – Inspiration / Reflex – Steam
Orson San Pedro, Spain – The real meaning of art
Suzy Sureck, USA – Bubbles
Sergei Sviatchenko, Denmark – Street & White / The story for the gentle people
Yaronimus / Tomer Gerbi, Israel – “Rogem”
Naomi Zucker, Israel – Good morning
California College of the Arts, USA – Last day of magic / Curator: Jan Van Woensel