Venice Biennale press release

MyMementoVid installation, Venice

MyMementoVid, in the framework of Détournement, the Collateral Event of the 53 Venice Biennale


Project Curator: Amir Cohen

Production: 972ART

Video-Art installation At ScalaMata Art Space: June 4 – 26.
Ghetto Vecchio 1236, Cannaregio 30121 Venezia Italy, (Vaporetto station Ponte di Guglie).

About the MyMementoVid installationMemory Instinct in a Digital Era
An ongoing project that set itself the goal of reflecting experience along the axis of time. Clarifying and documenting what we remember and experience, and from that to create and attempt to influence.
The curators’ combined memories are the rich font of the project’s appearance and positioning, with all its constituent variables.
Continuity and constant transformability are critical to this project. Participating artists and art students from all over the world, and the video-art creations presented here, serve for us all as a glance at the past which marks the future, while expressing criticism constituting a milestone for social and inter-personal achievement.
MyMementoVid project perceives its objective to be continuing to contemporary Video-Art works around the world. All works of art that will be accepted for the project will become part of the ever – increasing archive, which is devoted to the subject of memory; according to the personal – social – artistic perception of the artists who created them, who will also be involved.

MyMementoVid project places special emphasis on encouraging the participation of artists and Arts and Design students. The advancement of artists at the outset of their careers is a central motive of this project. We will be grateful for cooperation with academies and universities in the fields of the Arts and Design, to create a video program which will constitute a database and inspiration for the coming generations.
Artists from around the globe invited to take part and create a video-art work dealing with the topic of Memento (memory). These artistic memory videos will be displayed during the Venice Biennale as part of a special exhibition. This large exhibition will take place at the Scalamata Art Space. The project is already arousing much interest and many curators, artists and art students have already expressed their interest in participating. As always, we are anticipating exposure to hundreds of thousands of spectators.

MyMementoVid – Venice Exhibition Artists:
Last day of magic - CCA, Curator: Jan Van Woensel, USA / Pagnes Andrea, Italy / Stenke Verena, Germany /Sala Avelino, Spain / Cara Chan, USA / Caterina Davinio, Italy / Ivars Drulle,  Latvia / Ira Eduardovna, USA / Tamar Eloul, Israel / Michael Gitlin, USA / Mili Gal, Israel  / Thalia Hoffman, Israel / Parker Ito, USA / Tamar Lederberg,Israel / Tammy Mike Laufer, Israel / Tamar Lev-On, UK / Noa Maiman, Israel   / MarikaMaiorova, Russian Federation / Elyse Mallouk, USA  / Eraldo Mauro, Italy / Danny Shain, USA / Lynne McCabe, USA / Shani Nahmias, Israel  / Itty Neuhaus, USA / Alexander Neustein, USA / Joshua Neustein, USA / JasperRigole, Belgium / Micha Riss, USA / Orson San Pedro, Spain / Suzy Sureck, USA   / Sergei Sviatchenko, Denmark / Yaronimus, Israel / Tomer Gerbi, Israel  / Naomi Zucker, Israel